Celebrities opting for ‘natural beauty tweakments’ over fillers and ops

With celebs like Bobby Norris and Molly Mae dissolving their filler, ATV Today Entertainment looks in the mirror…

Molly Mae Hague, Bobby Norris, and AJ Bunker are just a few famous faces that have admitted to getting their face fillers dissolved. But what is leading to these facial transformations?

Surgeon, Beauty Scientist, and Lumenis ambassador, Jonquille Chantrey:

“Nowadays, people want a more natural look. The ‘fashion’ of over exaggerated features is dwindling. One only has to see how film stars and celebrities have had their dermal fillers dissolved to undergo a more subtle transformation, revealing their natural beauty.

“More awareness of dangerous practices and the perils of having too much product injected has also led to more patients making sensible choices when it comes to dermal fillers, and instead going for more non-invasive treatments that stimulate and restore collagen production.”

A look for many actors, reality performers, porn stars and even television presenters has been enhanced for years by the use of fillers. But if natural is now the ‘in thing’, how easy is it for dermal fillers to be dissolved?

“The most common dermal filler type uses Hyaluronic acid that can be dissolved by an injection of Hyaluronidaese enzyme. The filler will be broken down and will disappear in a matter of minutes with results showing in 1-2 weeks.

“There are many reasons why someone would want to have filler dissolved such has the area being over filled, the filler moving or spreading to other areas, lumps or unevenness, allergic reactions, or even infections.” – Jonquille Chantrey

Non-invasive treatments appear to be what is now being opted for. UK Google searches for ‘Radiofrequency skin tightening’ are up by 110%! Jonquille explains why this is the alternative tweakment many are heading towards instead of injectables.

“Radio Frequency treatments work to stimulate and restore collagen production deep within the skin’s dermis, resulting in skin tightening and lifting and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. For people who have mild wrinkles, want to firm and lift up age-related loose skin and sagging, and those who don’t want to undergo surgery or don’t want long downtimes, this is the future of skin tightening.​

“The NuEra Tight™ with FocalRF™ technology combines 5 different frequencies to make it fully customisable to the patients needs, heating a specific skin and tissue layer, catering a bespoke result depending on your needs. It is suitable for use on face and we can adapt the frequency, temperature, time and electrode size according to the patient’s concerns.

“In both London and Cheshire, I treat thousands of people with different skin types, body shapes and personal motivations. ​The variability of depth and penetration with NuEra means we can use focused radiofrequency in an individualised manner for each person, meaning we can be fully inclusive. In addition, we customise the procedure using combinations of other skin and lifestyle adjuncts so that anyone can achieve the best possible results with the shortest downtime.”
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