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River City: Lydia ‘comes out of the shower’ after three years dead

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River City: Lydia ‘comes out of the shower’ after three years dead

This week in Shieldinch…

It’s River City’s ‘Bobby Ewin’ moment when having killed the character off Dallas brought him back a year later. Unlike Dallas however, the Beeb have come up with a convincing plot to u-turn Lydia’s demise in 2019 when she was seen to be shot dead.

February 19th, 2019:

“A bewildered Lenny is stunned as his victim falls to her knees – he’s shot Lydia. As she dies in his arms, an inconsolable Lenny delivers the love of his life her last rites. Realising the enormity of what he’s done, Lenny pushes his grief aside to clean up the murder scene and hide Lydia’s body before the police come calling.

The next morning, Lenny tells Amber her mother is missing and misinforms Lou about Lydia’s last known movements. When Alex discovers Lydia’s missing he panics, assuming the worst. As Lou starts an investigation locally, Lenny lies unravel. Feigning concern, Lenny takes drastic action to cover his murderous tracks, calls Lydia’s phone in front of Lou, leading the policewoman to make a shocking discovery and an arrest for murder.”

Monday: A remorseful Lenny comes face-to-face with Lydia who exposes the explosive truth about her ‘death’, and Karen faces the music when she makes a sudden return. Still reeling from news that Lydia has been found, Lenny waits impatiently at the safehouse. After months of searching for his wife, Lenny is stunned when Lydia walks through the door accompanied by Rachel Grant.

Sensing Lydia’s hesitation, Lenny reassures her he would never hurt her. Lydia remains unconvinced – she knows he intended to kill Alex, not her, after uncovering their affair. As the couple uncover their past, emotions run high. A remorseful Lenny pleads for forgiveness but Lydia refuses. As the truth about Lydia’s death and where she has been surfaces, Rachel Grant falls ill, forcing the estranged couple to work together again.

However, both Lydia and Lenny know her return will be catastrophic for Amber who believes her mother died that fateful night. Elsewhere, Alex is thrilled when Karen returns to Shieldinch after going missing for weeks. Anxious and on edge, Karen takes refuge in Alex’s flat who reveals his anger and resentment towards her. Unsure where she stands with Alex now she’s back, Karen knows she’ll have to tell him the truth…soon.

Wednesday: Realising how fragile Karen is, Alex is horrified to discover the lengths Darren Foulkes went to in order to silence Karen forever. Worst still, he is stunned by the revelation Tyler and Lenny worked together to offer protection. Suspicious, Alex pushes for more answers and is stunned by Karen’s final bombshell – she’s pregnant.

Elsewhere, a disorientated Rachel Grant wakes up in hospital with Mulvaney watching over her. As Rachel plans her escape from the authorities, Mulvaney reveals it’s too late – the police are watching.

As hope fades, Mulvaney offers Rachel a final chance to escape, in return for the names of her colleagues who helped cover up Lydia’s death. Lenny tries to make amends, urging Lydia to consider a new future in Shieldinch. Lydia challenges the assumption she would want to go back. He reminds her that she has only two choices – go on the run, or be safe with her family.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel, Monday and Wednesday, 10 pm. Repeated on BBC One Scotland at 7 pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.

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