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Doctors: Scarlett is threatened by an old friend

Pick of the Plots

Doctors: Scarlett is threatened by an old friend

This week in Letherbridge.

Monday: Al teases a slightly nervous Jimmi about his day at the Big Bounce Trampoline Park but a game of Dodgeball and Maeve’s infectious sense of fun might just get him in the mood?

Bear congratulates Scarlett on her improved attitude but she is disappointed to hear that her probation is not quite over. She later makes an effort to ask Karen about the VPAS scheme which piques Princess’s interest. Emma explains that Scarlett is trying to save her job which gives Princess an idea. Princess invites Scarlett out for lunch in the Icon where she persuades Scarlett that as newbies, they should stick together. She even suggests a cheat to convince Bear and the Partners that Scarlett is doing more work than she is.

A Bar Manager with a bad back has an eventful visit to see Al at the The Campus Surgery.

Tuesday: Jimmi and Maeve had a great time together at the trampoline park, but Jimmi is now limping in pain from the whole ordeal. Maeve decides to help him by giving a massage in the treatment room but is caught by Daniel. Daniel can sense that there is something between them two, leaving them both embarrassed. Throughout the day, they both come up with excuses to avoid each other.

For the midwives’ training class, Ruhma is in distress due to the actor cancelling on her. Valerie suggests that she can help but Ruhma is hesitant, she knows how Valerie can get. Ruhma does not want Valerie to embarrass her in front of the trainees and wants to keep it as professional as possible. Unbeknownst to Ruhma, the young trainees are actually enjoying the labour delivery performance from Valerie, as extravagant as it is.

Zara has to deal with the distress of a pregnant patient.

Wednesday: Valerie is woken up by a horrifying dream of a lion, is affected and can’t sleep. PC Shelley Anwar and another officer chase after this hooded figure. Valerie can hear some fumbling downstairs, think’s it the nightmare, till the fumbling continues and she is fully conscious.

This hoodie figure is Kris Marsh who is indulging himself in taking valuables. Valerie cannot believe what is happening and slowly makes her way downstairs. The intruder catches Valerie and attacks. Valerie now tied up, he continues on his mission and then makes a run for it out the backdoor. Valerie is scared and alone but finds the courage to cut the ties. She immediately calls 999. PC Shelley arrives at the house.

Valerie calls Al. Without any hesitation, he makes his way over. Al takes it upon himself to call the victim support line, the insurance company, a locksmith, and the bank. Valerie is very appreciative of Al and he stays the night to keep her company.

PC Shelley Anwar is out to prove herself, but the day doesn’t go to plan.

Thursday: After the burglary, Valerie decides to go to work to keep her mind occupied, however it’s a hard to do when everyone keeps asking her about the situation. She ends up having a talk with Bear. They both arrive at Valerie’s house and she realises she can’t stay there. She plans on staying in a hotel but Bear suggests she stays with him and Sid. She and the guys end up having some fun. In the middle of the night, it all comes back.

After a brief encounter at in the kitchen, there is definitely a sparkle in Jimmi and Maeve’s eyes for each other. But after mentioning that he has been married twice and doesn’t believe in happy endings, Maeve departs.. is that it?

Scarlett is threatened by an old friend.

Doctors, BBC One, Monday to Thursday, 1.45 pm.

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