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Gigi Zahir stars in Tom Ratcliffe’s ‘Fame Whore’


Gigi Zahir stars in Tom Ratcliffe’s ‘Fame Whore’

Becky knows what she wants, she knows what she needs, and she knows how to get it.

When drag artist Becky Biro is told she needs a larger following to be considered as a contestant in the next series of international TV hit The Drag Factor, she can just smell success. And my god she knows she’s earned it.

Every back-room pub performance, every night-bus home, every expensive wig and plucked eyebrow. Becky Biro has worked for her success and she’s not going to let it slip away from her based on a somewhat paltry Insta count

If Becky needs more followers, then Becky is going to get them.

And she will do whatever it takes to get there, then reap the rewards of her inevitable stardom. From writer Tom Ratcliffe of the multi-award-winning Velvet and the Lustram Award winning Edinburgh Fringe 2022 hit Wreckage comes an outrageous, fast-paced dark comedy, laced with irreverent humour and cabaret songs.

Covering our need to be recognised in the increasingly fractured world of social media, and juxtaposing this with the onslaught of hate so often directed at minority communities in the very forums in which they seek to find solace,

Fame Whore holds a mirror up to our desperate desire for relevance, and the lengths we may go to get there.

The production stars Gigi Zahir, Fame Whore premieres at the Kings Head Theatre, Islington from 5th–29th October 2022 before embarking on a small East Anglian tour. The show has been funded by Arts Council England.

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