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The Communityverse is coming


The Communityverse is coming

Lucca Comics and Games have launched their latest feature at the convention, the ‘Communityverse’.

The Communityverse will bring technology to the heart of the biggest pop culture festival in Europe: Metaverse, NFT, SBT, blockchain, web3, AI, generative art and crypto will be the focus of this new section through exhibitions, panels and events. The Communityverse will occupy the medieval underground at Casermetta di San Pietro (Baluardo del Balesrieir) from October 28th to Novermber 1st. The Communityverse will officially launch on 28th October at 8pm CET.

Lucca will enter the metaverse, in a number of different forms. “Luccaverse”, the metaverse of LC & G 2022 especially created by The Nemesis (an entertainment platform that offers innovative virtual reality experiences), will kick off a larger project that will evolve over the course of future festival editions. Easy to access from both web and mobile, users will be able for the first time to explore a ‘gamified’ city of Lucca with multimedia content and prizes.

To celebrate the opening of the CommunityVerse, History Channel will launch an extraordinary DJ set with Catherine Poulain (@official_cat) in the gladiator arena. The metaverse party at the Colosseum in the metaverse will begin at 20:00 CET is open to all via History Channel.

The basement of the Casermetta di San Pietro will be transformed into a real pavilion of metaverses hosting the exhibition ‘Multiverse of Metaverses’. These metaverses will be showcased through a series of talks with the participation of Arch. Enzo Fontana, co-founder of the Fabbricanove studio, Gianluca Del Gobbo, organizer of international events such as Live Performers Meeting, Fotonica, Live Cinema Festival, and the curator of the exhibition Daniele Luchi.

In other parts of the Communityverse, Coderblock will create another metaverse experience for the community-oriented festival of the social platform Discord, while the treasure hunt ‘The 10 Gems of Lucca’ will be an augmented reality gaming experience proposed by OverTheReality.

For the first time it will also be possible to visit the exhibitions of Palazzo Ducale in the metaverse, both via browser navigation and virtual reality viewers, thanks to a three-dimensional scan created by MedStore. Experiences related to new NFT technologies will be available online: projects relating to the world of Cosplay, the Japan area, gaming and physical presence at the festival, with the aim of experimenting with digital wallets and transactions on blockchain.

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