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OTD 1979: ‘An evil spirit in a new build home’

On this Day

OTD 1979: ‘An evil spirit in a new build home’

On this Day, June 15th, 1979…

Wendy Jones reports for ATV Today from Redditch where the occupants of a new council house on Astley Close in the Woodrow district believe their home to be haunted.

Wendy talks to Mrs Wakeland about the strange happenings in her home which include a feeling of cold, hearing footsteps and seeing a flying orange. The report also features shots of son Paul Wakeland carrying out chemistry experiments at home which have been affected by the ghost.

Wendy next visits the nearby Wirehill Woods which are said to be the site of black magic rituals.

She talks to Pastor Leslie Perkins of the Assembly of God Church, who thinks that an evil spirit is in the home and believes that the happenings have come about because of the use of a Ouija Board by young people, including Mrs Wakeland’s son. Finally, medium Dora Stephens visits the home where she is put into a trance and described the family who had once occupied Shakespeare Farm, which was on the site now occupied by the estate.

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