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Are you drinking enough water?

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Are you drinking enough water?

Data reveals that 45% of Brits only drink one glass of water a day…

As the nation continues to experience temperatures that make you sweat, the Met Office has raised concerns, issuing an amber heat-health alert for the extreme heat. Staying hydrated is crucial in optimising our bodily functions, yet despite this, Brits seem to struggle to regularly drink enough water as hydration experts, air up, reveal that 45% of Brits only drink one glass of water a day during the summer months. The warmer climate, physical exercise and our diet can all contribute to dehydration, and as temperatures continue to rise, recognising the symptoms is crucial.

Our hydration habits tend to go out the window when the warmer weather hits, with many opting for alcohol and fizzy drinks to quench their thirst. Yet research from DripDrop found that beverages, like alcohol and caffeinated drinks, are diuretics which increase fluid loss, resulting in dehydration. According to the NHS, even a small amount of water loss can lead to dehydration, and the symptoms can appear regardless of whether there is a heatwave or not. Identifying dehydration is easy once you are aware of the symptoms: headaches, dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, and, of course, thirst.

The physical symptoms of dehydration are usually the first to get noticed, however, a lack of water consumption can also take its toll on the brain too. The brain needs water to function – studies have found that dehydration is linked with impaired cognitive functions resulting in brain fog and making it harder to concentrate. To combat this, CNET highlighted that regular water consumption also boosts serotonin and can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression as it helps produce tryptophan and regulate excess cortisol.

Research from air up also shows that 30% of Brits find water boring and as such, do not drink it often.

“To inspire those who struggle to reach their recommended daily intake of water, air up is a world first in drink technology that utilises retronasal smell to provide water which tastes flavoured.” – Air Up spokesperson

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