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Expert Reveals Celebrity Tanning Trends in 2023

Getting a tan on the beach is the old way of doing things


Expert Reveals Celebrity Tanning Trends in 2023

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, appearances are everything. Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight. Among the many secrets that contribute to their flawless glow, tanning holds a prominent place. 

‘Airbrush by Alexandra,’ a renowned expert celebrity spray tanner, offers exclusive insights into the tanning trends favoured by A-list stars this year.

Achieving the coveted celebrity glow; Celebrities, long revered for their influence on beauty trends, are opting for tanning treatments that align with their personal brand and image. The focus has shifted toward tans that look like an integral part of the person rather than an artificial addition. This trend echoes the growing societal appreciation for diverse beauty standards and a departure from one-size-fits-all beauty ideals.

Achieving the same glow as your favourite celebrities involves understanding your own complexion rather than theirs, but knowing what style you’re looking for can help you aim for a more Hollywood-worthy appearance.

Alexandra says celebrity tanning circles are leaning towards “natural glows that enhance their complexion versus drastically changing their appearance.”

Celebrities get tailored packages specific to their skin tone, texture, and more. Achieving that flawless look at home doesn’t have to be difficult. Some steps celebrity stylists might choose include:

1. Spray tan water: To achieve a flawless tan that mirrors the celebrity trends, consider using high-quality spray tan water. These products offer a fine mist that evenly coats your skin, providing a seamless application. Remember, the key is to apply lightly and build up the colour gradually to achieve the perfect tan.
2. Gradual tanner for buildable glow: If you prefer to take a more gradual approach, opt for a gradual tanner. These products allow you to control the intensity of your tan, starting with a subtle glow and building up over a few applications.
3. Tanning drops for customisation: Tanning drops have emerged as a versatile option for achieving a tailored tan. Simply mix a few drops with your favourite moisturiser or body lotion to create a customised tanning solution. This approach provides precise control over the colour intensity, allowing you to adapt the tan to your preferences.

As you embark on your journey to achieve the sought-after celebrity glow, remember that less is often more. While you might think of your favourite celebrities as all glitz and glam, their tan might be something a bit more subtle.

It’s evident that the days of overly dramatic tans are making way for a more sophisticated and natural approach. Hollywood’s elite are turning to tanning methods that amplify their features and celebrate their unique beauty rather than masking it. This trend not only sets a new direction for the world of celebrity aesthetics but also sends a powerful message about embracing one’s authenticity and individuality.

In a world where the spotlight never dims, the quest for beauty is ever evolving. ‘Airbrush by Alexandra‘ has pulled back the curtain on the tanning preferences of the stars, revealing a shift towards tans that highlight rather than transform and build rather than block out. As we continue to admire the red carpet looks and dazzling appearances of our favourite celebrities, we can now appreciate the subtlety and authenticity that go into achieving their radiant glow.


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