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On this Day 1973: Nottingham ‘Cycle Lane’

On this Day

On this Day 1973: Nottingham ‘Cycle Lane’

OTD, November 22nd, 1973…

Reg Harcourt reported about traffic measures in Nottingham which included a six-month experiment in allowing cyclists to use pedestrian streets in the city.

Harcourt talks to the public about cyclists sharing the pedestrianised streets in this early example of a ‘cycle lane’.

Reg also interviewed Eric Foster about the traffic experiments and also with a transport committee spokesman from Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Engineer Eric Gill. Views of bicycles being loaded into a lorry at the Raleigh factory in Nottingham which has seen an increase in sales since the petrol crisis. The firm manufactures seventy percent of bikes sold in the UK.

Finally, Reg speaks with a Raleigh Factory spokesman.

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