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A. H. Benjamin’s latest children’s story is ‘Tennyson’s Big Secret’


A. H. Benjamin’s latest children’s story is ‘Tennyson’s Big Secret’

A whimsical quest to uncover a young boy’s hidden talent in Tennyson’s Big Secret.

Tennyson has a BIG secret. He can do a MAGICAL thing. Guessing this quite spectacular, possibly loud, potentially outrageous or ultimately endearing secret brings readers to the heart of Tennyson’s Big Secret, the latest picture book by renowned UK-based children’s book author A. H. Benjamin, with dynamic illustrations from award-winning cartoonist Peter Trimarco.

Intended for audiences ages 5 and under, Tennyson’s Big Secret follows the story of a young boy with playfulness and energy to spare. Tennyson demonstrates one “secret talent” after another, with his highly confused kitten in tow, prompting children to ponder what might be his superpower. Is it pulling an elephant out of a hat? Building a tower of blocks taller than a skyscraper? Painting a museum-worthy masterpiece?

Through simple dialogue and a smattering of outlandish and comical illustrations, this picture-walk, early-reader adventure keeps young minds guessing until the very end. The story takes a heartwarming turn as Tennyson shares his secret talent in the final pages.

A Kirkus reviewer calls it, “An imagination sparker for the very young. Tennyson has a magical power that the narrator encourages readers to guess … using accessible vocabulary words to encourage emergent readers (and) humorous mixed-media illustrations.”

Written by A. H. Benjamin who has been an international children’s author since the mid-eighties. Based in Lincolnshire he has been published by Andersen Press, O.U.P, Little Tiger Press, Franklin Watts, Q.E.D. and Tiger Tales (Penguin Random House).

He has written over 50 books, which have been translated into more than 25 languages, including Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Afrikaans, Greek and Arabic. His books are very popular in schools, book clubs and especially libraries, ranking among the highest in the UK Public Landing Right. In addition, some of his work has been adapted for radio, television and theatre.

Tennyson’s Big Secret has been illustrated by Peter Trimarco who started his professional doodling career as an editorial cartoonist in Chicago and Denver before turning to commercial art and designing packaging for music and film.

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