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Dean is stuck in the middle in River City

Pick of the Plots

Dean is stuck in the middle in River City

Monday in Shieldinch…

Work woes loom large as Maggie faces the prospect of making cuts to her business meaning either Dean or Nicole will lose their cleaning job. Seeing how close Dean has become with Nicole, Madonna struggles to hide her jealousy. As the two jibe at one another, Dean is stuck in the middle.

Madonna takes matters into her own hands to ensure Dean’s job is safe, weaving a web of lies which paint Nicole as a thief. When Maggie confronts the pair, Dean is forced to choose a side between Nicole his work mate or Madonna his girlfriend. A dangerous choice.

Elsewhere, Gillian’s stung when Ash cancels their cosy night in for a lads night out with his new flatmate, Armand. Gillian makes it clear she’s far from happy so Ash seeks counsel from Tommy about affairs of the heart. He makes him question his priorities – his relationship with Gillian or his friendship with Armand.

Andrew is stunned when Victoria reveals Lenny was responsible for the attack which put Scarlett in hospital. While Andrew wants to get the police involved, Victoria urges caution, stirring up her brother’s increasing paranoia.

River City, Monday on BBC Scotland HD, 10 pm and Tuesday on BBC One Scotland at 7 pm

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