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Jonathon’s unique gift proves unsettling in River City

Pick of the Plots

Jonathon’s unique gift proves unsettling in River City

Festivities continue in Shieldinch…

With Callum back home, Scarlett faces up to the trauma he’s been through. Guilt-ridden, Scarlett begins to doubt everything about Andrew and questions whether Lydia was telling the truth about the assault after all.

She bumps into Lenny on Montego Street and asks him to be honest with her. She needs to know everything. Facing up to the truth, Scarlett is devastated that she was duped and realises she needs to make amends with her family. Lenny is also dealt some bad news when he discovers Andrew has gone on the run with Victoria. His revenge plan is on hold, for now.

Elsewhere, Sam basks in the glory of his remixed song. With a possible comeback on the horizon, Sam turns to Madonna to boost his social media profile and help reignite his music career. However, this triggers unwanted attention from a mysterious listener on Radio Shieldinch.

Gillian excitedly plans the traditional Twixmas party for her and Mikey – a wee party they hold annually between Christmas and New Year. Sensing Mikey wants Jonathon invited, Gillian generously invites the partners. However, as the couples enjoy the festivities, Jonathon’s unique gift for the pals proves unsettling.

River City, Wedneday on BBC Scotland Channel at 10 pm and Thursday on BBC One Scotland at 7 pm

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