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Top things to do that get us through ‘blue January’


Top things to do that get us through ‘blue January’

With Christmas over, and the most depressing month of the year just a few days away, researchers asked Brits to vote for the things which we LOVE about the colder months, with snuggling up with a blanket the top choice.

Other things the nation loves about the chilliest time of the year include warming up with a steaming hot mug of tea (36 percent), snow (36 percent) and JOMO – the joy of missing out – (34 percent).The poll found 30 percent admit they love nothing more than getting into their PJs as soon as they get inside.

Meanwhile, three in ten (30 percent) get a kick out of wearing fluffy socks and slippers, while 29 percent think one of the best things about winter is enjoying clear, bright mornings. And a Sunday roast helps us get through the chilliest days, as over a quarter (27 percent) love the smell of a roast dinner wafting through the house.

The research, conducted by luxury ski resorts Club Med, also reveals a quarter of Brits enjoy rewatching their favourite movies under a snuggly blanket throughout the winter season, while 25 percent get toasty in front of a roaring fire. And despite the often sub zero temperatures, three in ten (30 percent) say it’s their favourite season.

As many as 24 percent of the 2,000 Britons surveyed agree that closing the curtains at 4pm gives them a warm and cosy feeling, while a quarter love wrapping up in multiple layers of clothing. However, 13 percent confess that their favourite thing about winter is getting away from it all by escaping on a holiday instead.

A third (33 percent) reckon that the chilliest months are when it’s the perfect time for a trip away, with almost a fifth (19 percent) even favouring a winter holiday over a summer trip. Of the Brits who prefer a winter break over a summer holiday, six in ten (61 percent) also find that luckily, the rest of the family feels this way too. 45 percent opt for a city break, while 41 percent prefer a beach holiday and 23 percent love nothing more than hitting the ski slopes. 


  1. Snuggling up with a blanket on the sofa     43%
  2. Tucking into comfort food       41%
  3. Snow          36%
  4. Cups of tea        36%
  5. JOMO          34%
  6. Snuggling in bed       32%
  7. Putting on pyjamas as soon as you get home   30%
  8. Fluffy socks and slippers      30%
  9. Clear, bright mornings      29%
  10. Listening to the rain outside       28%
  11. The smell of a Sunday roast      27%
  12. Rewatching favourite films      25%
  13. Wrapping up for walks in lots of layers    25%
  14. Open fires        25%
  15. Hearing the ground crunch under your feet    24%
  16. Closing the curtains at 4PM      24%
  17. Layers of frost on the ground      20%
  18. Going away on a winter break     13%
  19. Stodgy puddings       12%
  20. Ice skating        9%

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