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What excuse did you use to ‘escape’ the family this Christmas?

Suki made the excuse of needing the toilet in Christmas Day EastEnders, but it failed to help her escape the table...


What excuse did you use to ‘escape’ the family this Christmas?

A study has found four as many as half (51 percent) of Brits admit to making up reasons to escape the chaos over Christmas.

Buying milk (32 percent), filling the tank with petrol (31 percent), and picking up last minute presents (28 percent) and snacks (24 percent) are the main excuses to leave the house. While 17 percent have insisted on venturing out to pick up relatives (17 percent), drop rubbish off at the tip (16 percent) or purchase much needed batteries for the kid’s toys (14 percent).

More than a half (56 percent) of those surveyed by webuyanycar say their car is one of the only places they can find peace during Christmas, with 45 percent admitting they are always the first person to volunteer to run a festive errand. A quarter (25 percent) of Brits confess they have even driven around the corner and sat in silence in the car.

Getting more wrapping paper (10 percent), picking up last minute decorations (10 percent) and taking the children or baby for a drive (eight percent) are also reasons for jumping in the car.  According to the findings, the average Brit will drive 25 miles over six journeys to get away from the festive mayhem, with 23 percent admitting they are taking more yuletide trips now than three years ago.

More than half (56 percent) think it is one of the most stressful times of the year, thanks to the pressure of food and present buying (65 percent), money worries (55 percent) and lots of people in the house the whole time (23 percent).

A huge 97 percent agree that it is important to take time out to chill during the festive period. With seasonal stresses at play, one in four (26 percent) argue more with their partner at Christmas, with money (50 percent), what presents to buy (41 percent) and what family members to visit (38 percent) being the main causes. One in three (31 percent) have cross words about who to spend Christmas with.

Suki in EastEnders used the excuse she needed the toilet to try and get away from the family Christmas dinner, but it failed to work. She was attempting to escape abusive husband Nish, but he’d locked her in the house. Maybe she should have tried one of these instead…

Top Excuses to flee festive family at Christmas…

1 Buying milk – 32%
2 Filling the tank with petrol – 31%
3 Buying last minute presents – 29%
4 Buying snacks for a party – 24%
5 Buying booze – 19%
6 Picking up relatives – 17%
7 Taking the dog to the park for a walk – 17%
8 Dropping rubbish off at the tip – 16%
9 Buying batteries – 14%
10 Buying non-alcoholic and soft drinks – 12%
11 Buying more wrapping paper – 10%
12 Getting last minute decorations – 10%
13 Picking up elderly relatives – 9%
14 Taking the children/baby for a drive – 8%
15 Buying crackers for the table – 6%

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