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Searches for ‘Priscilla Presley makeup’ soar


Searches for ‘Priscilla Presley makeup’ soar

With the new movie ‘Priscilla’ out in UK cinemas this January, searches for the icon’s makeup looks have soared 145% over the last three months

An analysis of Pinterest search data from beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha reveals that searches for ‘Priscilla Presley makeup’ have soared by 145% since October, with the term exploding in searches following the new film’s release at the start of this month. 

A spokesperson for Fresha:

“Priscilla Presley’s timeless allure and signature makeup have transcended eras, captivating new audiences every generation.

Directed by Sofia Coppola, the film is poised to dominate UK cinemas this month, with its depiction of Priscilla’s life with Elvis. Already, the film has made over $20 million at the US box office, and now its UK release is set to expand that further.  

Alongside her makeup, the fervour extends to her iconic locks, with searches for Priscilla Presley hair’ having risen 115% and a sizzling 177% jump in searches for ‘Priscilla Presley outfits’ since October 1st. 

Priscilla is known for her effortless cut creases and impeccable winged eyeliner, and the new film is prompting a resurgence of the glam looks of the 60s. 

A spokesperson for Fresha:

The recent surge in searches reflects a collective fascination with her iconic looks and indicates a modern resurgence of vintage beauty trends, cementing Priscilla as a beauty icon for the ages. 

Within the ever-evolving landscape of beauty standards, there is something captivating about her lasting imprint on the beauty world. With searches increasing rapidly alongside the film’s release, it is evident that Priscilla Presley’s beauty legacy continues to inspire creativity and redefine glamour for a new generation. 

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