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Pick of the Plots: Monday 29th January

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Monday 29th January

Pick of the Plots: Monday 29th January

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, January 29.

When Denise’s family gathers to celebrate her birthday, she is caught off guard. Denise makes a hasty exit from the house, feeling overwhelmed. When Jack catches up with her, he fails to get her to open up.

Later, Denise realises how much her behaviour is affecting Raymond. She decides to tell Jack everything.

Meanwhile, Stacey urges Suki to resolve her divorce with Nish and make sure she gets to keep the café. Suki attempts to throw Nish off the scent when he needles her about what happened on Christmas night.

Later, after Kat makes an intriguing comment about Stacey’s past, Nish breaks into the Slater house to confront Stacey. Jack arrives and sends Nish packing. Grateful for Jack’s help, Stacey kisses him. Jack responds before making a swift exit, feeling guilty about betraying Denise again.

Elsewhere, Linda arranges for Alfie to have a drink with Billy and Ian after his cancer treatment, but it goes horribly wrong when Alfie wets himself.

Also, Yolande tries to intervene when she sees Denzel being bullied. As Yolande falls over, the bullies record her distress.

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At No.3, Craig arrives to take Ed in for questioning. When Michael asks Ed if he started the fire himself, he vehemently denies it but is Michael convinced? Ed admits to DS Swain that he knocked over some white spirit by accident but he certainly didn’t start the fire.

When Ed and Dee-Dee return home, Michael accuses Ed of burning down the yard so he could claim the insurance. Ed is devastated by his son’s hatred for him.

Meanwhile, Steve is torn between spending time with Tommy Orpington and his daughter when Emma phones and invites him to spend the week in France. As Steve leaves for France in his taxi, he watches with envy as Tommy pulls up in his van outside No.1.

Kevin, Tim and Kirk head over and fawn over Tommy, hoping to drag him into the pub, but Tracy sends them packing. It’s clear there’s a spark between them.

Elsewhere, Leanne appeals to Carla to give Simon another chance, pointing out how Peter’s departure has left a big hole in his life and he needs direction.

Also, a dejected Moses tells Todd that he’s moving to London to find another job.

Coronation Street, ITV1, tonight at 8pm

Moira sits by Cain’s bedside at the hospital and is relieved when he wakes up. Chas’ contempt is clear when Aaron asks her about Cain’s condition. Mack can’t even look at Aaron, telling him he deserves everything coming his way.

The doctor finishes examining Cain and gives advice to stay in bed, but Cain decides to go.

Meanwhile, Liam encourages Chas to open up to her family about her cancer.

Later at the pub, the Dingle family argue over recent events. Chas explains what is going on and everybody reels from her news. Chas’ family rally around her – except for Aaron, who keeps his distance.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

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