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Expand your erotic repertoire with The Mandrake Hotel


Expand your erotic repertoire with The Mandrake Hotel

Luxury hotel, The Mandrake and London’s erotic events company, House of Vixens, partner to create a unique series of sexual educational events…

The events aim to educate and also welcome those on a quest to expand their erotic repertoire.

Those who have been lucky enough to visit The Mandrake, one of London’s 5 Star luxury boutique hotels in the heart of Fitzrovia, will be well aware that every aspect of the luxury lifestyle property has been thoughtfully curated and designed to offer guests a unique, immersive, and truly unforgettable experience.

Now as its latest venture into its regular commitment to bringing a fusion of art, culture and design events through its doors; The Mandrake’s open-minded spirits of wonder have already brought erotic storytelling events, now with House of Vixens this exquisite pairing presents Mandrake Salon–a lavish series of classes run by Artistic Director of House of Vixens, Sophie Cohen, which will introduce couples and singles – be they completely new to the world of erotic adventure, or experienced kinksters looking to enhance their skills and techniques – to new elements of erotic connection, all housed within the grandeur of the glamour hotel.

Sophie cherishes her role as an educator who specialises in helping her clients embrace their kinks, interests, and sexualities, using her unique knowledge in all things erotic; as a Kink Concierge Sophie is an exceptionally trustworthy instructor who works with individuals and couples to create erotic breakthroughs, breaking down taboo topics, banishing stigmas, and saying a firm sayonara to kink-shaming. Within the luxurious Mandrake Salon she will guide guests as they discover how to have better, more exciting, and far more satisfying kink experiences in their private lives.

Guests of Mandrake Salon will attend classes teaching consent, communication, and respect and the subtleties of power dynamics. Attendees will embark on a new phase of their sexual journey, to improve their relationships with partners and to allow them to discover more about themselves and what they desire. And of course, Mandrake Salon is a safe space for all to explore, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

Lesson One: Spanking and Beyond takes place on March 6th. In the first of the season of events –Spanking and Beyond Sophie will introduce curious singles and couples to corporal punishment for sexual pleasure.

Mandrake Salon, The Mandrake Hotel, Wednesday 6th March. Price -£125 per person

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