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Channel 5 get spiritual with pets

Channel 5

Channel 5 get spiritual with pets

The Mystic Meg of the animal world…

Have you ever wondered what your beloved pet is thinking when they stare longingly into your eyes? Do you chat to them in the hope that one day they’ll respond to your ramblings instead of just tilting their heads and fetching their ball? Is there a burning question that you wish your four-legged friend could answer?

Meet renowned Pet Psychic and author Beth Lee-Crowther. A real-life Dr Doolittle who says she can speak to animals and answer all of your questions and more, Beth believes she has been communicating with pets for over 20 years and is now bringing her skills to Britain’s nation of pet owners.

In this series Channel 5 follow Beth as she travels up and down the country meeting desperate animal owners to decipher the whines, barks, stares and meows into meaningful conversation. The owners all have specific reasons to be asking for Beth’s help and the pets don’t hold back in giving their answers…

Across the episodes meet a veritable menagerie of the country’s pet population including a disabled dog that needs to overcome anxiety, a cat who can’t stand living with a new puppy, a camel who is down in the dumps, a lonely ferret and a loveable Labrador that has some exciting news to share with its owner. Beth’s unique gifts may be questioned by some sceptics but after watching her communication skills in action many are left speechless.

In the first episode, airing next week, Beth travels to Worcestershire to meet Petal, a chicken that’s stopped laying eggs. The abrupt decline in egg production has owner Caroline worried and she’s hoping Beth can get to the bottom of it. Beth also travels to see a dog called Yogi who has a very un-dog like habit: he hates going for a walk! This very unusual behaviour for a fit and healthy dog is driving owner Clare up the wall, and after exhausting all other avenues its time to call in Beth Lee-Crowther…

The Pet Psychic: What’s Your Dog Thinking?, Channel 5, 7 pm, Tuesday, February 20th

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