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Breaking the ‘Vicious Cycle of Unhappiness’

Health and Mental Health

Breaking the ‘Vicious Cycle of Unhappiness’

A new publication brings a four-step approach to a happier life…

The profound influence of the unconscious mind can keep people trapped in a cycle of fear, anxiety and self-doubt that is difficult — but not impossible — to disrupt, says acclaimed evolutionary biochemist and geneticist Dr Ski Chilton.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the meaning of life is to wake up — to wake up and become conscious of the nightmare of a script that our unconscious minds are constantly feeding us,” – Dr Chilton

Despite a stellar career and notable success, Chilton struggled with severe depression and broken relationships. This led him to spend several years studying the philosophy and psychology of free will, culminating in the writing of a bestselling book titled The Rewired Brain. In it, he explored the overwhelming influence of the unconscious mind. However, understanding the root cause of so much human unhappiness was one thing; finding a process to address it was quite another.

His life took a dramatic turn one Sunday morning following a violent encounter with an untamed Arabian horse, which nearly cost him his life. From his new vantage point in a wheelchair, Chilton’s perspective shifted from the purely empirical to the deeply spiritual. He immersed himself in mindfulness and meditation practices. This journey not only facilitated his physical recovery but also led to an unexpected and profound spiritual enlightenment that directly addressed the problem of human unhappiness.

In his new, Amazon #1 Best Seller, There is Another Way to Happiness: The Four Step CAST Process that Will Transform Your Life, Chilton presents a rare blend of science, mindfulness and spirituality to walk readers through the four, overlapping steps that helped him overcome his own cycle of fear, anxiety and self-doubt, and led to his total transformation.

“From evolutionary biology and brain wiring perspectives, happiness is hard and not at all natural for most people,” Chilton said. “It has taken me almost 60 years of life to discover that there is another way to happiness. That I have within me at any moment boundless access to a place of conscious awareness and stillness where my true self, freedom and peace reside.”

In his book, Chilton traces his personal odyssey, from fame and money obsessed egoist to fully awakened Observer of the expanses of conscious living — a journey that ultimately culminated in the creation of his CAST Process, a daily life framework for awakening that encompasses four vital stages: Consciousness, Awareness, Surrender and Trust.

“Finding this place has been my spiritual awakening after spending my life battling insecurities, building a toxic and false egoic self, and searching for the worth that clearly wasn’t found in my accomplishments. And that’s what I want others to embrace through reading my book.”

Dr Ski Chilton has a prolific record of over 160 scientific publications, he has founded four companies and a nonprofit. He has been at the forefront of personalised nutrition and wellness, earning widespread recognition in America.

There is Another Way to Happiness The Four Step CAST Process that Will Transform Your Life, Publisher: Authors on a Mission, ISBN: 978-1-950336-38-8, available from Amazon

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