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Channel 4 investigate a Hindenburg disaster ‘cover up’

A PR Handout for the 1975 Hindenburg movie

Channel 4

Channel 4 investigate a Hindenburg disaster ‘cover up’

Best on the Box choice for March 30th…

The story has been dramatised as a series ‘Hindenburg: The Last Flight’ (2011), featured as a big screen movie ‘The Hindenburg’ (1975) and even featured as part of a storyline in ‘The Waltons’ (1977) and numerous books. So we all think we know the facts of this real-life tragedy? Channel 4 suggests otherwise tonight in a documentary.

In May 1937, the largest aircraft ever flown becomes a raging fireball, crashes into a wet New Jersey field and is destroyed in under 40 seconds. Was it a bomb? Mechanical issues? Human error?

Three generations later, there are still no definitive answers. Hindenburg: The Cover-Up reveals new theories and documents that shed light on a possible plot to keep the truth hidden that spans two continents.

As well as being a tragic story about the airship and its demise, it’s a tale of the sinister secrets of those in charge and their ties to the Nazi party.

Hindenburg: The Cover-Up, Channel 4, tonight at 7.30 pm

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