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Flick through the photography highlights of David Alexander


Flick through the photography highlights of David Alexander

Photographer Behind Iconic Album Covers Debuts Photo Book Celebrating Humankind’s Connection with the Environment…

For decades, David Alexander enjoyed a successful career as a commercial photographer, known for his work on the album covers of artists such as the Eagles, Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt, James Brown, Ringo Starr and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name just a few, and movie posters for box office smashes like The Blues Brothers and 9 to 5. In the process of making art, he began to see connections that expanded his thinking about the planet we humans share with the environment.

In his debut book, Pictures of Time, David Alexander uses the language of photography to share his revelations into how all living things are connected, and how these connections are often hidden in plain sight all around us. The common bond is a constant, yet continually changing, fact of life: time.

David Alexander:

“I find the ordinary world to be extraordinary, and I hope that comes through in the photographs. I want the book to reveal signs of evolution for the reader — glimpsing the past by looking closely at the present, seeing connections among living and natural things, and, ultimately, feeling our place during evolution, i.e., time. Seeing and taking pictures of this stuff, to me, is fun and often funny.”

Organized by descriptive chapter headings — Shape, Pairing, Reflection, Rhythm, Together and Aging — Pictures of Time presents a collection of full-color photographs of people, trees, flowers and birds captured in similar configurations or forms. The publication was designed by Tommy Steele, a prominent music industry graphic designer.

David Alexander graduated from UC Berkeley and The University of Chicago Law School before finding his calling as a photographer.

He founded A&I Color, which was first established as LA’s preeminent commercial film processing lab that later expanded into a full range of professional services, including digital — for photographers around the country. Now, Alexander is President/Co-Founder of X-DAM, which provides digital asset management to Fortune 500 organizations, including NBCUniversal, Viacom and The Hallmark Channel.

Pictures of Time; Silver Street Media; Earth Day/April 22, 2024; ISBN: 9781542212786; Hardcover; 12 x 12; 124 pages.

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