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Angel For Fashion returns to Kyiv

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Angel For Fashion returns to Kyiv

Angel for Fashion , the e-commerce, commemorates its second anniversary with a renewed commitment to supporting creative industries in regions where their vibrancy is paramount.

Led by American entrepreneur Jen Sidary and Angel for Fashion’s Senior Brand Manager Marina Yatsenko make a journey to Kyiv which underscores their unwavering dedication amidst challenging circumstances.

Founded as a beacon of hope in the face of adversity, Angel for Fashion emerged from the necessity to salvage creative industries in countries with a foundational creative mindset. The platform’s mission has been to empower designers and artisans, particularly in regions like Ukraine, where their talents are abundant but often overlooked.

As Angel for Fashion celebrates its second anniversary, the team led by Jen Sidary returns to Kyiv for her fourth trip during the war to convey her support in person and discover new Ukrainian brands to add to the website. Despite facing the harsh reality of bomb sirens upon arrival, the team remains resolute in their commitment to their passion and the survival of their business and employees.

“This month, as we mark our second anniversary, we stand in solidarity with the creative communities we serve,” said Jen Sidary, Founder and CEO of Angel for Fashion. “Challenges have marked our journey, but it’s also been a testament to resilience and the power of collective action. We are more determined than ever to continue supporting the vibrant creative industries in Ukraine that improve our world.”

The anniversary celebration comes at a crucial time, underscoring the importance of resilience and solidarity in adversity. Angel for Fashion’s commitment to nurturing creative talent remains steadfast, even amidst challenging circumstances.

“As a Ukrainian, being back in Kyiv during these challenging times is deeply personal. It’s a reminder of the strength and spirit of my people and I am overwhelmed with emotion.” – Marina Yatsenko, Brand Manager

In the dynamic landscape of global fashion, Angel for Fashion emerged as a beacon of hope, bridging borders and cultures to spotlight Ukrainian talent. Founded by entrepreneur Jen Sidary in response to the unique challenges facing Ukraine’s fashion industry, the platform swiftly evolved from concept to reality. Sidary’s journey began in November 2020, marked by a bold decision to venture from California to Kyiv, propelled by a vision to empower and uplift Ukrainian designers. Faced with the complexities of a region in flux, she navigated with the precision of a diplomat, forging partnerships and amplifying voices that might otherwise have remained unheard.

Against the backdrop of conflict, Angel for Fashion took shape, and its mission was clear: to provide a global platform for Ukrainian creativity. Despite the tumult of war, Sidary and her team worked tirelessly to launch an e-commerce platform, showcasing the richness and diversity of Ukrainian design to a worldwide audience just thirty days into the war.

“Returning to Kyiv amidst the turmoil reinforces our commitment to empowering Ukrainian designers and preserving our cultural heritage through fashion.” – Marina Yatsenko, Angel for Fashion’s Senior Brand Manager says.

Today, Angel for Fashion is a testament to resilience and innovation, the power of collaboration, and the enduring spirit of creativity. The platform is guided by Sidary’s leadership and champions Ukrainian talent, fostering connections and opportunities in an ever-evolving fashion landscape.

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