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Cheap bathroom upgrades that can help increase house value


Cheap bathroom upgrades that can help increase house value

Some simple tips that can help boost a sale price…

Experts reveal that upgrading your bathroom can significantly enhance your home’s value and appeal, potentially increasing your property’s worth by £5,000 to £10,000 in the UK market. Plumbworld, an expert company in bathroom and kitchen products, has compiled a list of cost-effective improvements that could significantly boost your property’s appeal and market price.

1. Deep Clean and Repaint

Starting with a deep clean can reveal the hidden potential of your bathroom, stripping away years of grime and making the space feel fresh and new. Following this with a repaint using a light, neutral colour not only brightens the room but also creates the impression of more space. Opting for moisture-resistant paint helps combat mould and mildew, ensuring the room remains appealing and healthy over time. This simple yet transformative approach creates a strong foundation for further enhancements.

2. Update Fixtures

Replacing dated taps, showerheads, and cabinet hardware with modern, stylish models can revolutionise the bathroom’s aesthetic with minimal effort. Focusing on water-efficient fixtures not only modernises the space but also appeals to eco-conscious buyers, subtly indicating that the home is cared for and updated with sustainability in mind. Such changes, though seemingly minor, can significantly alter the bathroom’s feel and functionality.

3. Improve Lighting

Enhancing the bathroom’s lighting can dramatically improve its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Upgrading to LED lighting provides a cleaner, more natural light, making the bathroom more inviting while reducing energy costs. Incorporating task lighting around the mirror improves the space’s practicality for grooming tasks, while dimmable options can create a relaxing ambiance for baths. Good lighting can transform the bathroom into a space that feels both larger and more luxurious.

4. Replace the Vanity and Sink

Introducing a new vanity and sink can serve as the centrepiece of the bathroom’s transformation. This upgrade offers an opportunity to increase storage and improve functionality while significantly changing the room’s style. Choosing a vanity that complements the bathroom’s size and aesthetic can turn an ordinary bathroom into a standout feature, suggesting a blend of modernity and practical design to potential buyers.

5. Add Storage Solutions

Adding clever storage solutions like open shelving, cabinets, or wall-mounted racks can turn a cluttered bathroom into a model of efficiency and order. By utilising unused vertical space and introducing storage that keeps essentials tidy yet accessible, the bathroom can cater to the practical needs of daily use while maintaining a minimalist and uncluttered appearance, enhancing its overall appeal.

6. Re-grout Tile and Replace Caulk

Attending to the details by cleaning, re-grouting, and replacing caulk around tiles, tubs, and sinks can make a significant difference in the bathroom’s overall appearance. This not only refreshes the look of the bathroom but also addresses hygiene concerns, presenting a well-maintained space that feels both cleaner and more inviting, signalling meticulous care in the home’s upkeep.

7. Install a New Toilet Seat

Swapping out an old, worn toilet seat for a new one is a simple change that can have a disproportionate effect on the bathroom’s cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. With features like soft-close hinges, the upgrade introduces a touch of modern convenience and luxury, enhancing the user experience for a minimal investment.

8. Upgrade Bath or Shower

Revitalising the shower or bath area with new fittings or a complete overhaul can turn it into a key selling point of the home. Whether it’s introducing a sleek, walk-in shower for a modern look and improved accessibility or updating the bath to a freestanding model, this upgrade can transform the bathroom into a luxurious retreat, significantly boosting the home’s value and appeal.

9. Affordable Luxurious Touches

Incorporating affordable yet luxurious touches through DIY decor, sophisticated storage solutions, and thoughtful details like unique shower curtains or aromatic diffusers can elevate the bathroom’s atmosphere. These additions create a sense of personalised luxury and comfort, making the bathroom not just a functional space but a sanctuary, all achieved without a hefty price tag.

10. Consider Floor Updates

Updating the flooring with waterproof luxury vinyl planks can change the entire look and feel of the bathroom. This material offers the aesthetic appeal of hardwood or stone but at a fraction of the cost and with better suitability for wet environments. New flooring can signal a well-maintained, modern home, making a strong impression on potential buyers and significantly enhancing the bathroom’s appeal.

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