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New book helps teens unlock secrets of their ‘Shadow Selves’

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New book helps teens unlock secrets of their ‘Shadow Selves’

Therapist and author Victoria Lowery introduces the concept of the shadow self – the embodiment of one’s hidden elements – to the newest generation of young adult readers in her book, Polly Parker Meets Her Shadow…

“The shadow is something very real. Each of us has one,” Lowery explained. “Freud called it the Id. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde turned it into an evil monster of a person. We are living in a time of chasing rabbit holes, questioning what’s true and what’s not. This book quietly gives many of these answers.”

Written with young audiences in mind, Polly Parker Meets Her Shadow is an uplifting, kid-friendly story that shares the journey of Polly Parker, who has waited 14 years to meet her shadow and learn the six secrets that are prophesied to save the world from ancient, evil bloodlines — a pursuit that cost her grandparents their lives.

The six secrets have been kept hidden for millenniums by a small group of so-called Freethinkers who wish to keep the rest of the world uninformed and underprivileged. The time has come for the seers to demand fairness and a new world of unity for all. But this directly affects the Freethinkers way of life, and they will stop at nothing to stay in control.

Higher Realm School of Exploration and Reintegration offers Polly a safe place — or so she thinks — to seek out the six secrets hidden in her shadow. It’s not long before danger finds her, and Polly and her friends must work together to outwit those who want to keep the secrets hidden. With the prophesied end of the world looming, could one more person discovering the secrets tip the scales of change?

Polly is left to question everything in a world where each thought becomes reality, and holographic games are known to be deadly. She will need her new friends to find a destiny generations in the making.

Caroline Shearer, author of Raise Your Vibration and Dead End Date: Adventures of a Lightworker, calls Lowery’s book a “Celestine Prophecy for teens,” and Susan Pohlman, author of Halfway to Each Other and A Time to Seek, said the book is “a clever tale of discovering wisdom and bravery. Readers will root for Polly as she discovers the courage to stand up for herself while finding true friendships and uncovering the six secrets.”

“At its core, this book is about finding purpose in life. It’s about listening to your heart, sharpening your intuition and trusting the universe,” Lowery added. “Polly’s story introduces the concept of the shadow self to a new generation and welcomes them into a magical world — only this magic is very real!”

Polly Parker Meets Her Shadow

Publisher: Absolute Love Publishing, ISBN-10: ‎979-8-9855746-4-7

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