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Student publishes children’s book addressing gender stereotypes in career choices


Student publishes children’s book addressing gender stereotypes in career choices

Adele Botterill is a student at Birmingham Newman University…

The final-year student has recently published her first book on Amazon. The children’s book, titled Dream Big, is a delightful tale that is already capturing the hearts of many young readers and their parents.

Dream Big follows the adventures of Daisy, a young girl with a keen interest in a wide variety of occupations. The story addresses a critical social issue: gender stereotypes in career choices. Daisy dreams of becoming an astronaut, a firefighter, a police officer, and more, despite being told that these jobs are “for boys only.” Daisy proves her doubters wrong, showing bravery, strength, and determination in everything she dreams of.

Since its release, Dream Big has received positive reviews for its engaging narrative and vibrant illustrations. Many have praised the book for its important message and its ability to inspire children to follow their dreams without being constrained by societal norms.

Discussing how the theme of the book originated, Adele Botterill said: “My current course forced me to look at the sociological problems that occur every day. Through acknowledging a vast majority of sociological problems and exploring them through assignments and creative writing, I found myself particularly drawn to exploring the gender inequality and misogyny and how it had become so stigmatised. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in teaching and felt that I wanted to do more to ensure that every student that I’m granted the opportunity to teach will never doubt their dreams based solely off of what society deems acceptable.”

Jai Mackenzie, Senior Lecturer in Applied Writing & Humanities at Birmingham Newman University:

“Adele created Dream Big as part of her Applied Writing portfolio and I was delighted to read such a vibrant, inclusive and empowering piece. Like all of Adele’s work, she put a great deal of care, research and thought for the wider community into this book. I am delighted for her, and so happy to see the results of her dedication, drive and creativity coming to fruition. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dream Big to all teachers and parents of young children!” 

Looking ahead, Adele plans to pursue a career in teaching and will begin her PGCE course in September. She is eager to support and encourage children to dream big in her future role as a teacher. Her book serves as an excellent springboard for exploring gender inequality and gender dominance in various professions, sparking important conversations on these topics.

Dream Big is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback.

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