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A change of just one kitchen appliance can save £s on electricity and water bills


A change of just one kitchen appliance can save £s on electricity and water bills

In the UK, one kitchen upgrade that often pays for itself within a few months is the installation of a high-efficiency, energy-rated dishwasher.

Plumbworld, a leading bathroom and kitchen expert, reveals to ATV Today Lifestyle the benefits of high-efficiency, energy-rated dishwashers. It highlights the significant reductions in energy and water usage, leading to considerable savings and environmental benefits for UK households.

Vivian Summers, ATV Today Lifestyle critic:

“These findings show that modern, energy-efficient dishwashers use less than half the water of manual washing and considerably less electricity than older models. This efficiency translates into noticeable savings, especially with the UK’s current utility rates.”

  1. Significant Energy and Water Efficiency: The most advanced dishwashers on the market today are engineered to use substantially less electricity and water than their predecessors. Given the UK’s heightened utility rates, this efficiency can translate into noticeable savings on monthly bills. For example, energy-efficient models can use less than half the water of washing dishes by hand and significantly less electricity than older dishwashers.
  2. Superior Cleaning Performance: Utilising the latest in cleaning technology, these dishwashers ensure that dishes are not only cleaner but are cleaned more efficiently. They often feature variable-speed motors, soil sensors, and advanced wash systems that adjust the cycle to the load’s needs, minimising water and energy use while maximising cleaning power.
  3. Innovative Features for Enhanced Efficiency: Modern dishwashers boast a range of features designed to further reduce their operational costs. Soil sensors detect how dirty the dishes are and adjust the cycle accordingly, ensuring no more water and energy are used than necessary. Efficient water filtration systems remove food particles during the wash, reducing the need for pre-rinsing. Moreover, eco-friendly drying options, such as air-dry settings, significantly cut down on energy consumption compared to traditional heated drying.
  4. Financial Incentives and Rebates: The UK government and various energy suppliers sometimes offer financial incentives for homeowners who invest in energy-efficient appliances. These can take the form of direct rebates, tax credits, or even reduced rates on your energy bills. While the availability of these incentives can vary, they can significantly offset the initial cost of a new dishwasher, enhancing the investment’s appeal.
  5. Increased Property Value and Market Appeal: As energy efficiency becomes a growing priority among UK homebuyers, installing a high-efficiency dishwasher can make your property more attractive on the market. This is especially pertinent in an era where buyers are increasingly conscious of both the environmental impact and the operational costs of their homes. An energy-efficient kitchen can be a key selling point, potentially leading to a quicker sale at a higher price.
A spokesperson from Plumbworld:
“Embracing a high-efficiency dishwasher not only leads to immediate savings on water and energy bills but also opens the door to further optimise your kitchen’s energy consumption. Running your dishwasher during off-peak hours is a smart tip that leverages lower energy rates offered by many energy companies at certain times, like late at night or early in the morning. Aligning your dishwasher use with these periods can significantly impact your utility bills, turning this straightforward adjustment into a powerful strategy for boosting the cost-effectiveness of your energy-efficient appliance.
“Switching to eco-friendly detergents and rinse aids introduces an additional layer of benefits, complementing the eco-conscious decision of choosing a high-efficiency dishwasher. These environmentally friendly cleaning products not only reduce the chemical load in your home and the environment but also enhance the operation of modern dishwashers. Formulated to perform effectively at lower temperatures, they seamlessly support the energy-saving features of your appliance, marrying the goals of lowering your household’s environmental footprint and cutting down on energy costs with ease.”

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