ATV Elstree Centre: Quadruplex (Quad) 2" inch tapes in storage (1970s)

Which well-known British sitcom actor could have been adopted by Orson Welles? Which 20 year old actress had to sign a contract in which she couldn’t go in to a pub or drive a car? And which cinema icon almost got run over while making Ice Cold in Alex?

Well you can soon find out.

As part of Elstree’s 90th Anniversary year of celebrations, the Studios is proud to announce a series of 12 televised interviews of well-known and affectionately remembered names and faces from Elstree’s long history.

The programmes receive their premiere broadcasts between 11th and 24th April on Talking Pictures Television. Made in-house and hosted by Elstree Studios Chairman, Morris Bright, a writer, broadcaster and film & television historian the series of 12 x 30 minute programmes is entitled Take Two.

Those interviewed are: Angela Douglas (Carry On actress & widow of late British actor Kenneth More), British acting great Sylvia Syms, Jack Smethurst (best known for hit comedy series of the 1970s including controversial Love Thy Neighbour), former Bond golden girl herself Shirley Eaton, Valerie Leon (the only actress to appear in all the major British cinema franchises – Hammer Horror, Pink Panther, Bond and Carry On), Hammer horror starlet Madeline Smith, original Railway Child Sally Thomsett, director and producer Marc Sinden, sitcom favourite Vicki Michelle, actor Norman Eshley (The Sweeney, Man About the House and George & Mildred), actress, writer and wife of the late Bryan Forbes Nanette Newman, and actress and presenter Jenny Hanley.

Times of broadcast are as follows.
  • 11th April 15:55 Angela Douglas
  • 11th April 00:45 Angela Douglas
  • ​13th April 14:45 Sylvia Syms
  • 13th April 20:35 Sylvia Syms
  • 14th April 11:00 Sylvia Syms
  • ​14th April 21:45 Jack Smethurst
  • 15th April 14:50 Jack Smethurst
  • ​15th April 20:30 Shirley Eaton
  • 24th April 11:15 Shirley Eaton
  • 16th April 12:35 Valerie Leon
  • 17th April 20:50 Madeline Smith
  • ​18th April 19:30 Sally Thomsett
  • 19th April 19:50 Marc Sinden
  • ​​20th April 20:50 Vicki Michelle
  • ​21st April 20:25 Norman Eshley
  • 22nd April 20:15 Nanette Newman
  • ​23rd April 10:30 Jenny Hanley

Oh and the answers to the questions at the beginning of the release are: Norman Eshley, Sally Thomsett and Sylvia Sims. Talking Pictures TV Sky 343 Freeview 81 Freesat 306 YouView 81

Angela Douglas - Elstree Studios

Angela Douglas at Elstree Studios in the 1960s
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