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ATV Bog: Piers Morgan

ATV Bog: Piers Morgan

As Piers Morgan prepares to launch his ITV chat-show, the broadcaster’s latest attempt at finding a successful chat-show, the former Mirror editor attacks Jonathan Ross – but is Morgan tempting fate?



First of ITV don’t have a good track record with launching new chat-shows. Sharon Osbourne and Anthony Cotton both failed miserably in the 5pm slot and Bradley Walsh didn’t even make it past the pilot stage, so tragic was his attempt. So forgive us if we don’t have high hopes for their latest attempt at trying to find a successful chat-show in the form of Piers Morgan.


Their choice of host is interesting considering Morgan isn’t exactly well liked and left The Mirror, as editor, somewhat disgraced due to publishing photos that claimed to show British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners – the photos were fake. The damage the photos did to the reputation of our armed services, and the negativity towards them in Iraq, however was not fake. It was very real. But despite such a tragic miscalculation, and dragging The Mirror down to The Sun’s level, Morgan has gone on to find work with ITV – but then again ITV doesn’t mind a bit of fakery. Faking competitions, winners and poll results to suit their own agenda. So maybe Morgan felt right at home at ITV….ooo and while we’re on the subject of faking….


Morgan was a guest on a Dame Edna show not so long ago, within the past few years, and was ITV Granadabooed by the studio audience when he walked on stage. But by some miracle, fakery, when the edition was broadcast the boos had been replaced with clapping. Anyway Morgan is obviously very confident that his new chat-show will be a huge success and his first guest is…..Sharon Osbourne. Is this fate we ask? Are the guests for the following weeks Anthony Cotton and Bradley Walsh giving Morgan tips on how not to present a chat-show?


Perhaps Morgan should wait to see the ratings for his own show before shouting off about how tired and old Jonathan Ross’ show is. He may not be so confident when the figures start to roll in.

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