Remembering June Brown

The indomitable June Brown was best known to UK TV audiences for playing the iconic Dot Cotton in EastEnders.

OTD 1963: Noele Gordon in City Jewellers

On this Day: March 20th, 1963.

OTD 1959: Pat Astley looks at the price of parking

On this Day: March 19th, 1959.

Putin highlights ‘the importance of national economic sovereignty’

Putin, national economic security and the end of globalisation as we knew it…

The best theatre experiences for ‘date night’

Jim Dixon, Theatre Bookings Expert at SeatPlan revealed the best theatre venues for a ‘date night’ to ATV Today Entertainment…

Three underrated TV shows to watch for ‘Style Inspiration’

Style inspiration comes from many places, but TV undoubtedly plays a huge role in our fashion choices.

On this Day 1965: Ken Dodd at ATV

On this Day: December 17th, 1965.

On this Day 1963: Christmas Lights in Gloucester and Cheltenham

On this Day: December 16th, 1963.

On this Day 1965: Birmingham Cathedral Nativity

On this Day: December 15th, 1965.

On this Day 1960: ATV’s Rutland House officially opened

On this Day: December 14th, 1960.