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Enders Michael rattled by Danny, David schemes in Corrie, Laurel in Emmerdale carjacking

Scheming Michael Moon hatches a plan to move back in with estranged wife Janine in upcoming EastEnders scenes. Aware that his time living at Jack’s may be coming to an end, Michael thinks he can impress Janine with the gesture of breakfast and heads over to her place with some croissants. However, not long after he arrives Janine receives a visit from Danny Pennant. Michael’s nose is immediately put out

Joey and Lucy in Enders snog, Corrie Ryan seen with girl, Debbie plans runner in Emmerdale

Joey Branning shares a snog with former flame Lucy Beale in an upcoming episode of EastEnders. The kiss happens after a furious Joey finds out that Lucy gave Lauren the false impression they are an item again, leading to Lauren going away and refusing to answer her phone. As Joey realises he still has feelings for Lauren, Lucy comforts him with a kiss – but will Joey take things further?

Peter and Joey in ‘Enders clash, Corrie’s Tina torn over baby, Drunk Belle in Emmerdale

A fight breaks out between Peter and Joey in EastEnders on Tuesday 25th June. The heated situation occurs after Lauren fails to return home following her date with Peter and Max and Tanya head over to the Beale’s in search of answers. Lucy covers for Peter and tells them that Lauren went off with a group of friends from college and sent her a text message to say so However, it’s not

Behind the scenes of EastEnders Lauren stunt

Troubled teen Lauren Branning sparks panic in tonight’s episode of EastEnders when she climbs out of an upstairs window. As we reported earlier this month, Lauren makes her perilous attempt to abscond from home after mum Tanya places her under house arrest in order to tackle her excessive drinking. Here are some newly released images taking a look behind the scenes of the soap’s latest stunt while actress Jacqueline Jossa

Corrie’s David contemplates Suicide, More Lauren angst in Enders, Dales kiss for Dan and Kerry

Coronation Street David is left distraught after overhearing a conversation between Gail and Kylie about Kylie’s one night stand with Nick. As he broods over his next move, Kylie announces she’s taking him away for the night to a cottage and David finds it hard to say no upon seeing how excited Max is. At the cottage Kylie is concerned after David chooses to spend the night on the sofa. David later

Baby Conflict for Corrie’s Tina, Michael punched in ‘Enders, Adam & Robbie in Dales Accident

Coronation Street Tina continues to feel emotionally attached to baby Jake, a feeling that is intensified when he has to undergo surgery for a bowel infection. With the surgery a success, Jake continues to grow stronger and doctors say he can be held for the first time, but when an excited Garry and Izzy turn up at the hospital they’re confused to find Tina nursing him. Torn between her commitment to Gary

Marcus Dilemma, Dexter Fury, Debbie Revenge

Coronation Street Marcus is faced with a dilemma when an old friend invites him and Sean to his wedding reception.  Marcus chooses to keep the invite a secret from Maria and admits to Sean that he’s embarrassed about what his gay friends will think of their relationship. However, Maria soon discovers the truth and questions Marcus about the invite. Later, Marcus and Maria attend Ben and Andy’s wedding reception but