Editor Reports: Has Corrie’s baby-swap plot been forgot?

Someone at ITV Granada has lost the plot, although it seems viewers of the show have longer memories than the production company would like.

Editor Reports: Emmerdale’s New Dynasty

A new farming “dynasty” is heading to Emmerdale….hmm haven’t we heard that somewhere before? asks editor Doug Lambert in this edition of ATV Reports.

Editor Reports: We have ‘spoilers’ for a reason

Some websites just can’t help but spoil things for fans of shows by giving away details of plots in their headlines.

Editor Reports: Corrie’s Christian Teenager needs a miracle

Christians and Coronation Street what is the drama?

Editor Reports: Ant and Dec time for a change?

Have Ant and Dec finally lost their shine after years of over exposure on ITV1? asks our editor Doug Lambert in this edition of ATV Reports.

Editor Reports: Christians 0 – 1 Atheists

A Christian advertising campaign, a response to an atheist one, has rather back fired after it draws more complaints than the atheists did.  Editor Doug Lambert ponders on this delightful…

Christian Ad sparks more complaints than Atheist Ad

Praise Be!

Editor Reports: Who is Michael Grade trying to fool?

ATV Today’s editor Doug Lambert ponders a recent comment made by ITV boss Michael Grade in this edition of ATV Reports.

Editor Reports: Time for Grade to quit ITV?

There’s anger about job losses, budget cuts and the closure of the Leeds studios and there’s now calls for Michael Grade to step down and he should do so.

Editor Reports: Moaning parents need to shut up when it comes to Cerrie Burnell

ATV Today editor Doug Lambert dishes his tough opinion on the parents who complained about new CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell because of her disability.