Time with the children proves ‘lockdown highlight’ for mothers

Research has found the extra time during lockdown has been used wisely by some of us.

Is laughing less harming the nation’s mental wellbeing?

An academic study reveals UK adults spend under two hours a year laughing in total, and it is impacting the nation’s mental wellbeing.

Poll reveals the the most popular Mother’s Day flowers

DIYS.com surveyed 4,250 people from across the UK and asked them which flowers they plan on gifting to their loved ones, revealing the nation’s favourite flower once and floral. Naturally…

Do you have a ‘cleaning black hole’ in your home?

New data suggests that eight in 10 Americans admit to having at least one “cleaning black hole“ — an area that seems impossible to keep clean or organized on a…

Rio Ferdinand reflects on homeschooling

Since the start of the pandemic, the nation has embraced a renewed focus on health and wellbeing.

Parents opting for Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran whilst serenading their baby

The pop tunes are, for some parents, replacing the more traditional lullaby classics.

Too drunk to remember contraception?

A fifth of young adults forget to use contraception because they are too drunk to remember when having sex

Children have turned to music to boost their mood

Let the music play…

Nudity improves sleep quality – according to research

Sleeping naked results in a deeper sleep with an average of 26.5% REM sleep, in second place are t-shirts and shorts with an average of 26% REM sleep.

Rubber band waste cause for concern

Is the Royal Mail the nation’s top littered?