Channel 4 coming of age drama announces core castings

Channel 4 has announced the cast joining the coming of age drama The Birth of Daniel F Harris.

Norwegian Cruise Line docuseries ‘Embark’ continues

Norwegian Cruise Line today announced that the next episode of their Embark series will drop onto their streaming offering later this month.

GB News reveal changes to look and news output

After five weeks on air GB News is making changes to its schedule, sets and news output.

Channel 4’s Black to Front day sees host of names sign up for shows

Black to Front day sees Sir Trevor switch the face of Big Ben for the Countdown clock while The Big Breakfast returns.

Gordon Ramsay returns for more global culinary adventures

Gordon will be tasting and traversing his way through Portugal, Croatia, Mexico, Texas, Puerto Rico, Iceland and beyond…

Sexy Beasts is back with new episodes for Netflix

The show is back for a six part series.

Les Dawson provides the laughs on ITV

Telly Today choices for Wednesday, July 19th.

George Clarke looks at some Remarkable Renovations

Best on the Box choice for Wednesday, July 21st.

It’s the last in the series of The Yorkshire Vet, a Telly Today highlight

Telly Today highlights for July 20th, 2021.

ITV open up the celeb kitchen once more

Best on the Box tonight sees ITV once again cooking with some celebs.