Tim Dunn returns to UKTV with more railway architecture

UKTV has commissioned two further series of The Architecture The Railways Built.

UKTV goes back on the beat with North Yorkshire Police

The Shift: Women on the Force is returning to W, with a tweaked name.

Rob Bell to look at the buildings that fought Hitler

Hello Mary secures investment from UKTV for this eight-part series.

Dave and CALM raise awareness of World Mental Health Day

Entertainment TV channel Dave, and CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably – are raising awareness of World Mental Health Day in a continuation of their long-running, award-winning partnership. They…

Big Zuu returns to UKTV with more Big Eats

Big Zuu fires up the food truck to serve a new series and two specials to Dave.

Emma Willis and Stacey Dooley return to UKTV

Emma returns to baby births while Stacey has more sleep overs.

UKTV return to the lives of the Richardsons

UKTV Original Meet the Richardsons will return to UKTV’s award-winning comedy entertainment channel Dave for a second series and two Christmas special episodes.