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More people expected to car share as rail strikes continue


More people expected to car share as rail strikes continue

‘Practical solution’ offered in face of national rail strikes.

Millions of commuters have been forced off the rail network this week due to industrial action. With some workers unable to work from home, a solution has been offered up by one company.

Liftshare, a car-sharing platform, gives users a chance to car share, bringing down the costs that would be ultimately be spent on travelling either alone in a car or via public transport.

Car sharing is a real untapped resource when it comes to making these essential journeys. There are more than 47m empty seats on our roads every rush hour and that’s only set to increase as more people are forced into their cars during the rail strikes.” – Ali Clabburn, Founder and Chairman of Liftshare Group.

Despite their being a number of car-sharing companies and schemes in the UK, it hasn’t taken off in the same way it has in other countries around the world. With the cost of living crisis now hitting the public, coupled with on-going industrial action, it’s expected that commuters will seek more cost-effective ways to travel.

“Over the last 20 years, we have seen spikes in car sharing interests correlate with strike action. The cost of living crisis means more people are actively seeking to reduce their travel costs permanently and car-sharing is a simple and effective solution to this.” – President of the AA, Edmund King, spoke to Radio 4’s Today Programme.

The next strike action taking place on the rail network takes place on Thursday 23rd and Saturday 25th June.


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