Pick of the Plots: Monday 11th October

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, October 11.

Kim is taken aback when she overhears Mitch taking a cab booking for a “Vince Hubbard”. Phil tries to put her off doing anything about it but she tracks the booking to Walford East.

There, Kim finds a children’s entertainer, Vince, in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity. However, the plot thickens when Kim clocks his custom-made wallet and recognises it as her missing husband’s. Later, Phil warns Denise to stop Kim on her crusade for answers.

Meanwhile, Dana finds Bobby obsessively cleaning the kitchen. They have a chat and decide to get back together. Kathy promises to get Harvey on side.

Elsewhere, Scarlett has chosen to do a school project on Helen Keller leaving Janine put out at not being Scarlett’s choice of hero. Determined to get in her daughter’s good books Janine asks for Frankie’s help.

Also, Ash throws up all over Harvey’s cab on her way home from a night out.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

Kevin stirs from a night on the sofa to find Abi standing in the living room. Abi apologises for worrying Kevin and promises the £2000 she took was for food and accommodation, not drugs.

Meanwhile, Toyah excitedly tells Imran that they’re going to be fostering a four-year-old. But the news piles more pressure on Imran as he confides in Adam about Sabeen’s blackmail.

Later, Imran talks to Rita about her foster experiences. When Rita notes she still gets the odd text from Sharon, Imran pockets her phone.

Elsewhere, Daisy realises that it’s Jenny who Leo fancies. Bernie notices that Natasha is interested in Dev. Hashim talks Zeedan through his money laundering plans.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Gabby overhears Kim making a call to her lawyer, in which she ruthlessly demands she gets full custody of Millie by any means possible.

Meanwhile, Victoria is hurt by Meena’s words.

Elsewhere, when April learns of Cathy’s return to the village, it’s clear she’s worried.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Juliet realises that Peri hasn’t been receiving her messages. She turns to Cher, who comes up with a plan to trap Timmy. Later, Timmy walks into their trap, but realises before they can catch a good glimpse of him. However, he drops a something in the process.

Meanwhile, Sienna is determined to find Brody’s killer and her sleuthing causes Warren to break down. Joel notes to Warren that sometimes the truth is best left buried, but without knowing Warren’s latest wrongdoing, could he be giving the wrong advice?

Later, Sienna lets it slip to Warren that she has an eyewitness and as he tucks a gun into the back of his waistband, it seems that he might do something about it.

Elsewhere, Goldie thinks of another way to break Prince and Olivia up.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Al tells Jimmi about his flirtations with his online friend ‘Starbuck’ but Jimmi notes that she may not be who she purports to be.

Al’s really worried about Starbuck and Jimmi suggests surely, he can find the truth. Later, Al tells Jimmi he couldn’t get any info out of Starbuck and they squabble, annoying Karen.

Meanwhile, Bear and Luca try to come up with ideas for Makeda’s business. However, Clive arrives to see Makeda and invites her to work with him.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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