Eye SpyIt’s time to welcome back an old friend, yes Eye Spy is back for its first issue of 2009 and it’s moved days once again. From Tuesdays to Mondays and now to Sundays, the new home of Eye Spy is the last day of the weekend. Thank you to all those who emailed in suggestions over the Christmas and New Year period, keep ‘em coming!



Top You Tube Video


Eye SpyI’m sure everyone has heard of Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones and even Lego Batman but how about Lego Casualty? No this isn’t a new game based on the BBC medical series but a You Tube video spoof using lego and it’s rather good, maybe even better than the real thing! Judge for you self below!


Technical faults are currently preventing us from embedding the video into the site as we did previously so to see the video please click Here >>

Top Silly Story:

We’ve all heard about store closures, firms going into administration and our high-streets slowly becoming full of empty units – it’s hard to escape the stories of doom and gloom in the press. Our first Silly Story of 2009 is along similar lines but may make you smile because a bakery closure in Beaconsfield is being blamed on comedian/actor/writer James Corden – him from Gavin and Stacey – but not in the way you make think. Corden has hadn’t the Bakery closed down it’s just that he used to live above it and no longer does – he’s moved to London. So how does that result in a Bakery closure? Well according to the story James was their biggest customer – er no pun intended – and well no he’s gone they just ain’t shifting as much stuff as they were. Read the story for yourself to find out the precise details!


To read the story click HERE >>



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