CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, will air a new 10-part series One Second In… F1 Racing that offers a revealing look inside the world’s most-watched sports series, where every second counts.

On the F1 race track, a second can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Utilising big data and strategic solutions — from the pits, to engine tuning, the driver and the tyres — One Second In… F1 Racing goes behind the scenes to look at all the technology, innovation and teamwork that goes into each second on the track. The series meets the mavericks behind the high-octane racing, delves into the history and looks at the future of the sport that is on the cutting edge of technology and inspires so many.

“One Second In… F1 Racing gives viewers an intimate look at one of the most advanced and exciting spectator sports, where every second counts. The series breaks down the key components of the sport, helping viewers to understand the complexities and technological innovation behind this billion dollar business.” – John Casey, Senior Vice President of News & Programming at CNBC International

The series will be hosted by sports and lifestyle presenter, Torie Campbell who has hosted numerous sporting projects including the Formula4 stroke series for ITV4 and ITV1‘s Saturday Sports programming. Marc Priestley, who spent ten years working as a McLaren F1 mechanic, will be the show’s resident technical expert.

Each of the 10 half-hour episodes will focus on a specific aspect where there is a second-by-second impact on the team’s performance and where technology and timing are essential. Episode one kicks off by looking at the key debate currently in F1 – engines, their size and performance and the changes that have been introduced this year. The show takes a spotlight look at the Renault engine manufacturing team in Paris and speaks with Rob White, Deputy MD at Renault Sport F1.

All of the current F1 teams will be featured during the series and viewers will get a behind the scenes view of several of the team’s HQs, including interviews with key personnel. Top names interviewed include F1 Hall of Famer, Sir Jackie Stewart one of the sport’s most successful champions, who talks about the role of the driver and the split second decisions they have to make.

Other episodes will take a close-up look at: the driver; the pits; aerodynamics; the chassis; the use of IT & data; tyres and fuel. The last two episodes will consider the future of F1 and will end with a highlights programme, featuring all the best items in the series.

One Second In… F1 Racing is produced by CNBC in London and is sponsored by Microsoft Cloud, which is a technical partner to the Lotus F1 Team. One Second In… F1 Racing will premiere on Thursday, 24th April at 10.30pm BST (11.30pm CET) and will air weekly across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific (see complete show times). The series will be supported online with a special reports page with stories, video highlights and extra footage. Follow the action using #1secF1racing.

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