Steve brings Lloyd back into the street this week and moves into Eileen’s.

Thinking that Steve is going to let him become co-owner of Streetcars, Lloyd proudly tells Karl he is going to be boss again. As Steve lets rip at Lloyd setting him straight old rivalries are lit.

When all Steve’s clients start calling to cancel their Streetcars accounts he’s shocked to hear a new business called Fare Ladies is offering better rates and women drivers. Steve is horrified to discover it’s Lloyd’s business. Tracy hears about Lloyd’s sabotage she tells Steve she has a plan.

Lloyd is left fuming when Tyrone informs him that his taxis have been sabotaged and heads out looking for Steve. At the school for sports day Steve notices an angry Lloyd heading his way. As he tries to run the pair end up fighting in front of the children. Will Tracy admit the truth?

Elsewhere Izzy confides in Fiz that she is pregnant. Marcus decides to stay on the street and takes Aiden to the Rovers.  Truth behind Faye’s behaviour is explained and Peter and Nick clash at the sports day.

Coronation Street airs on ITV1.

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