In commiseration of EastEnders’ appalling ratings last night, we head down to Only East and Enders, which sums up all the woes of the soap in one Only Fools and Horses style ‘tribute’.

“While the corporation’s pr department may act like its the Den and Angie years, its actually more like the Chuckle Brothers years, enjoy the mocking as your episodes are shocking!” – video creator.

The overnight figures for BBC Ones ‘flagship’ serial EastEnders will leave ITV bosses very pleased as the Walford saga manged to pull in just 3.76m (21.7%) for its 7.30pm outing. Emmerdale, which clashed with the beeb’s saga, turned Grange Hill-style sitcom of late, managed to draw 5.17m (31.6%) overall; with the hour long outing pulling in a decent 5.04m (29.1%) during the half hour against ‘Enders.

The ITV Yorkshire production, based in Leeds, has seen a successive run of good ratings, storyline appreciation and awards – something lacking on all accounts for the beeb’s ‘soap opera’ currently, even their Press department promoting forthcoming gong ceremonies has seen viewers mocking their ‘desperate begging‘ for awards.

EastEnders’ episodes are still currently airing under departed executive Sean O’Connor who has been blamed by cast and insiders for EastEnders’ woes with falling ratings, and falling quality. The video Only East and Enders highlights some of the worst of the show at the present time, following on from gripping storylines such as late bin collections and all that weirdo stuff with Max Branning.

Things however may be back on track as we’re told a blood soaked sequence was recently recorded, although if its actually anything like the current output it’ll be simply a punch bowl falling over and splattering the Queen Vic regulars.. *cue laughter track*

The BBC has also seen its celebrity wages revealed today, Adam Woodyatt  and Danny Dyer earning between £200k-£249k with Lacey Turner, Letitia Dean and others from the saga on around £150k-£199k. Despite being under embargo Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan gave a tease of some of the figures earlier today.

“Lovely Jubley, a nice little earner” – Del Boy

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