Emmerdale casts Ned Porteous and Andrew Scarborough

Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) is about to have her head turned.

The ITV saga has cast Ned Porteous and Andrew Scarborough whom Debbie encounters as part of her Luxury car business venture with Charity.

“I was really delighted to secure the role of Tom. I’ve never played a character like this before and I am very excited to see how his story develops!” – Ned Porteous

Arranging to meet Graham, Charity’s new client, Debbie appears to make the right impression and it looks as though everything is going her way until they leave the hotel. With the deal on a knife edge, and Debbie’s finances in disarray she is visibly panicked at what unfolds as the deal is crucial to keeping their luxury car hire business afloat.

What has Debbie got herself into? And who are Graham and Tom?

Recent EastEnders star Ned Porteous takes the role of Tom Waterhouse, whilst his right-hand man, Graham Foster, will be played by Andrew Scarborough.

“Graham is an interesting guy. He’s a bit enigmatic but he definitely has hidden depths, which I can’t wait to explore and he’s fiercely loyal to his boss Tom. I see Graham as a man a little like Alfred, the butler in Batman.” – Andrew Scarborough

Porteous recently appeared in EastEnders as Michelle Fowler’s son Mark while Scarborough has had roles in Downton Abbey, Jamaica Inn and Hearts and Bones.

ITV note that the pair will appear on-screen next month.

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