I say, I say, something spooky may be about to happen down Corrie way.

Because of John’s comments some may suggest the writers on the show have concocted a new ludicrous plot which involves his much-loved character of Fred Elliott as a petty and childish rebuke for his comments. Others may suggest its just Coronation Street being pathetic. – TV critic Vivian Summers

In its glory days of the 1960s and 70s Coronation Street could conjure-up sub-plots that would rival the comedy of any sitcom. A new attempt at this comedy gold is to see the ‘ghost’ of butcher Fred Elliott ‘return’ to the Weatherfield shop he once owned.

Since his departure from the cobbles actor John Savident has been quite outspoken about Coronation Street, and most recently commented about the young actors who currently star in the show.

“Don’t misunderstand me, there are some fine actors in Coronation Street, as there always have been, but I do worry about some of the younger ones… …They arrive full of good intentions, but you see their performances deteriorate. They’ll have come from some youth drama group and, gradually, you will start seeing them use soap acting shortcuts.” He told The Daily Record recently.

John played Fred for twelve years, but quit due to his view of declining standards. The character was killed off, off-screen, with an embarrassing sound-effect which many at the time felt was to insult the actor.

The storyline will see young actor Craig Gazey who plays trainee meat seller Graeme Proctor become ‘possessed’ by the ghost of Fred when he starts wearing his old straw boater.

A Corrie source told The Sun: “This storyline will be absolutely hilarious. The character of Graeme is proving to be one of our funniest and this will be laughs all the way.”

They need never say again that Crossroads or Brookside were far fetched when Coronation Street are coming up with such, er, gems, notes Vivian Summers, TV Critic, however she told us its likely that this is, yet again, one of many made up stories by The Sun, but you never can with soap opera plots these days, so we’ll have to just wait and see if we’re spooked by old Fred any time soon…

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