Ryan Thomas talks leaving Coronation Street

He doesn’t regret leaving the soap.

The 32-year-old decided to leave his role as Jason Grimshaw in the ITV saga last year and departed screens in June.

“It’s a horrible game sometimes when you come out of a soap,” he told the Daily Mail. “You’re there to be judged on what you do next but, really and truly, I’ve never been so happy since I left Coronation Street.


“It was the hardest decision in the world leaving, but right now is the happiest time in my life, so I have no regrets.”

The actor added that he misses his former colleagues but not being expected on the soap’s set at 7.30am.

“”It’s been the best years of my life. I’m very much thankful to Coronation Street for that, but it’s just time to change. Not having that half seven in the morning call ’til half seven at night every day. They’re doing six episodes (a week) now – I got out just in time!”

Ryan joined the series as part of the Grimshaw family in December 2000 with Sue Cleaver as mother Eileen and brother Todd played by Bruno Langley. Jason was a bit of a heartthrob on the street, with many romances – but little long term commitment.

Jason’s last storyline saw him clash with ‘bad boy’ Callum Logan, the fall-out from which led to him swapping the street for Thailand.

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