Hollyoaks links the past with the present as the truth about the mysterious Milo is revealed.

In a big twist that’s just been aired on E4, the soap used a flashback scene to reveal that Milo (Nathan Morris) was the driver of the truck that killed Gordon (Bernard Latham) and Helen Cunningham (Kathryn George) 13 years ago.

The pair were involved in a fatal road smash back in 2004, whilst Tom (Ellis Hollins) survived. The driver of the truck that killed the couple was never discovered…until now!

Ever since Milo arrived in the village earlier this year showing an interest in the Cunningham’s and sporting intriguing body artwork, viewers have been curious as to his motives.

In tonight’s episode, Cindy discovered that Milo had spray spraypainted the word ‘Grass’ on Darren’s car, but Milo begged her not to make him go to prison again, confiding in her that he’d had a tough upbringing and been bullied for being different.

He further explained how one day he’d set out to prove himself only to end up involved a severe car crash which had seen him sent to Young Offenders at the age of 16.

Later, as Milo joined Cindy and family for dinner, a flashback of the crash played out in his mind, showing viewers it was The Cunningham’s in the other car that the truck hit. At the end of the flashback, the camera shows a gold necklace that Milo was wearing at the car crash and as we return to present tense, Milo is holding the necklace.

Hollyoaks’ latest twist can be seen on Monday at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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