A dramatic week in the Dales concluded with another death.

Emma fell to her death from a viaduct in tonight’s (6th October) episode, after news of her son Finn’s death prompted the decision to take her own life.

“Emma has been fabulous to play. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing her from day one. I feel very lucky that I’ve managed to bow out in such style. We had a brilliant time last year with the motorway crash storyline and we’ve had another Barton family fiasco this year!


“It was brilliant doing all the stunts. Last year we had the motorway bridge scenes with stuntmen falling and pretending to be James. For this week’s episodes, I had to be lifted from the ground on a wire and I was 10 or 15 feet high. The crew were underneath me with a green screen and I felt so supported.” – Gillian Kearney

Viewers saw the police inform Emma’s sons Ross (Michael Parr) and Pete (Anthony Quinlan) that her body was found by a dog-walker. However, it seems that this wasn’t new information for Ross; as the soap then aired a curious flashback sequence, showing him at the viaduct looking at his mother’s body and running away upon hearing voices approaching. Why was he there? What could it mean?

“Everyone works really hard at Emmerdale and it’s been fantastic to be part of a team that creates such exciting drama. Emma was a piece of work, but she loved her family and her husband. A character that has a big capacity for love is not all bad in my book.” – Gillian Kearney

Prior to joining Emmerdale, Gillian Kearney was best known for her role as Debbie McGrath in Brookside and spin-off series Damon and Debbie. She has also had regular roles in Casualty and Shameless. The actress revealed on This Morning today that she would like to take on lighter roles following playing troubled Emma.

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