Hollyoaks reveals who killed Amy Barnes

Tonight’s E4 screening revealed Ryan Knight as the culprit.

Ryan (Duncan James) was on the list of murder suspects alongside Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson), DS Armstrong (Andrew Hayden Smith), Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool) and James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) but he was never prime suspect, always maintaining the façade of the grieving husband.

He even helped James frame Ste for the murder until an attack of conscience prompted an about-turn.

Ryan’s culpability was revealed in a flashback scene in the saga’s latest first-look outing which was a special point of view episode focusing on Tony Hutchison (Nick Pickard), the scene showed that Ryan killed his new wife on their wedding day after she found out that he’d been getting down and dirty with another man, Kyle (Adam Rickitt).

Tony’s son Harry continues to believe that he was responsible for Amy’s death after an argument with her resulted in her hitting her head on the corner of a coffee table and becoming unconscious. His big mistake was running away before Amy regained consciousness, which is when she overheard Ryan in bed with Kyle on his mobile phone.

Ryan’s panic when confronted about the affair led to him killing Amy.

With the police no closer to finding out who killed Amy after Ste’s release from prison, will Harry’s guilt cause him to confess even though he didn’t do it, or will a new investigation bring up new evidence and lead to Ryan’s arrest?

This episode will air on Channel 4 tomorrow at 6.30pm
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  1. OMG i Didn’t think Ryan would kill his wife Amy Barnes in cold Blood on there Wedding night she found out he was cheaying kb her with a man

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