Hollyoaks has launched its latest trailer, showcasing some of the biggest storylines this New Year.

The latest Hollyoaks trailer teases a car crash, two potential weddings, a pregnancy, surprise visitors and a secret is exposed.

The Channel 4 promo begins with The Maalik family in the car entering the tunnel and Tony and Diane in their car. We hear Tony crying out for help and we see Harry running away from the scene, do they all survive?

The clip ends with Misbah reaching out for her children, but who does she chose to save? While elsewhere they have finally made it to their wedding day, Mandy is in her wedding dress with Luke at the altar. But will the wedding actually go ahead as Luke’s secret wife Scarlett (Susie Amy) and his estranged son Oliver (Aedan Duckworth) enter the village. Will they ruin this day for Luke?

Also Maggie Asks Scott to Help Her Die. Maggie’s family now know she has cancer, she begs estranged son Damon to make amends before it’s too late. Later in the trailer we see Maggie asking son Scott to help her die when the time comes.

The promo also shows how the net starts to close in on Harry who is convinced he killed Amy. Tony is trying to protect him from the police but Diane knows and is putting pressure on Tony to give Harry up to the police. Tegan, Ryan’s girlfriend catches Ste and Ryan kissing, in the trailer we see her confronting Ryan, has she worked out who really killed Amy?

Lily and Prince are finally back on track, Prince asks Lily to marry him and they hastily announce they are getting married and that it’s going to be in Vegas. Unbeknown to Lily, Peri and Prince slept together, in the trailer Peri tells Prince she is pregnant with his child. Will he support her and will Lily find out the truth?

And Ellie and Sami kiss, but is this all part of Sami’s vendetta to ruin James’ life? Is Sami using Ellie, James’s sister, to get to him? Sami blames James for his father’s suicide after discovering James was laundering the money that led to his father’s conviction and ultimately his death.


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