Bruce Jones: Too much violence in Corrie

Former Coronation Street star Bruce Jones has slammed the soap for featuring excessive violence.

The actor – who spent a decade playing Les Battersby in the saga – told The Sun he believes the programme has seen an increase in violent content after one episode made him switch off.

“The violence when I was there wasn’t as bad as that. I don’t know why it’s gone that way. I can’t watch it anymore because it’s too violent,” he noted. “People say to me ‘Did you watch that s*** last night?’ I watched some of it and turned it off. It’s no good complaining to me, I can’t do anything.” – Bruce Jones

The episode in question saw killer Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) shoot Luke Britton (Dean Fagan) through a car window before triggering an explosion by firing at the vehicle’s petrol tank. The shocking scenes led more than 600 viewers to complain to television watchdog Ofcom.

Famous faces including Fern Britton, Michael Parkinson, Carol Vorderman and former Coronation Street actress Sarah Lancashire have also noted the show has changed beyond recognition.

Bruce blames the change of tone on ITV bosses upping Corrie’s weekly output from five to six episodes a week.

“It’s gone to six episodes and I think that’s to cover everything they’re doing especially with all of this violence that’s going on. My heart goes out to it, I love Coronation Street, I love it more than anything in the world but I’m glad I’m not in it now with all the violence in it – I’d probably get killed.” – Bruce Jones

Coronation Street, Mon, Wed, Fri at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV/STV/UTV

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