Sean Wilson to reprise Martin Platt role for Corrie

A regular in the series in the 80s and 90s, the character of Martin Platt is to return briefly to the ITV Granada soap as part of the David Platt rape storyline.

“We are very excited to confirm that Sean Wilson will be returning as Martin Platt for a short time in March.” – ITV

Wilson quit the saga 13 years ago when he disagreed with writers of his characters future plots, with the character of Martin occasionally mentioned – but never seen since his original departure in 2005.

Sean joined the ITV Granada production in 1985 as Martin, who originally worked in Jim’s Café, wooed for a time Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) and later married Gail Tilsley. Martin is David Platt’s father, with Nick and Sarah-Louise born to the late Brian.

Fans wanting to see Martin in his 1980s prime can tune into ITV3 where episodes from 1987 are currently broadcasting. By the time we left the 1990s Martin had moved from back street café assistant to a nurse at the local Weatherfield hospital, where he met fellow medical professional Rebecca and had a fling. After parting ways with Gail he later found love with the much younger Katy Harris, who went on to murder her father after he disproved of their relationship. It wasn’t a happy ending however when she later took her own life.

A scene from the ITV3 reruns of Corrie of 1987, Phyllis Pearce (Jill Summers) with Martin Platt (Sean Wilson) and Gail Tilsley (Helen Worth).

Martin Platt back in 1985.

The Manchester Evening News reported last night that ‘Gail’s ex husband Martin, played by Ashton actor Sean Wilson, will be back on the cobbles in March as part of a harrowing storyline involving his son David Platt being raped by a newcomer called Josh.’ The scenes will be done ‘old school’ like the soap operas of the 60s and 70s; with the actual attack un-screened, but the aftermath taking centre stage.

Martin headed off for a new life in 2005 with girlfriend Robyn relocating to Liverpool. And while his son has battled some pretty serious issues in the absent 13-years, including smashing up the street, having witnessed his wife stabbed to death, a failed suicide attempt and nearly being murdered himself by crazed Richard Hillman (Brian Capron), nothing previously has moved Martin to return to the cobbles – although David has gone off to visit his dad several times.

Martin is of course one of the few husbands Gail (Helen Worth) can welcome back, most of the others have died via self destruction or murder. Local charity Survivors Manchester is working alongside the ITV executives on the sexual attack plot.

David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) is set for another grim encounter in Weatherfield.
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