Peri returns to Hollyoaks village, but will she stay?

Peri recently became homeless after her mum kicked her out for lying about being pregnant. Tonight, Peri returned to the village but will she be convinced to stay?

In tonight’s E4 episode, Mandy had a heart to heart with Peri and believed she had convinced her to go home. However, as Peri considered taking the steps towards home, she witnessed Louis and Leela in a happy and romantic moment and Peri was convinced that nobody missed her. Earlier in this evenings Channel 4 episode, viewers saw Mandy and Darren discover Peri on CCTV from Esther’s Magic Bean, but they are left to make a decision whether they tell Leela which would reveal their affair or keep it to themselves.

Leela is preparing for Peri’s 18th birthday following a “tip-off” from Shane that Peri has been seen under the Deansgate Bridge. However, unbeknown to Leela, Shane gave the fake news just to get the reward money and return it to Simone. Simone is furious when she discovers the truth whilst Mandy and Darren disagree on what to do about the CCTV.

Leela discovers the police have found no sign of Peri so she decides to go look for herself but is left heartbroken when she bumps into Simone in the village who tells her it was all a lie an acquaintance had made up to help her get the £5000 back. Louis is sure Simone is in on it and tells her to stay away from Leela and from him.

Elsewhere, Darren analyses the CCTV and comes up with a plan for Mandy to head to the hospital in the hope of bumping into Peri and talking her round to heading home.

Later, Darren’s plan is successful when Mandy finds Peri outside the hospital and manages to talk to her. Mandy talks about her experience of being on the street and how much safer Peri would be at home. Peri is unsure and questions if anybody even wants her to come home, leading Mandy to explain how much Leela is struggling to cope. Mandy is positive she has gotten through to Peri and convinced her to go home.

Louis comes up with a plan for Leela to film a social media video pleading for Peri to return. Meanwhile, Peri walks through the cold and wet village contemplating whether to return home. After filming their video, Leela breaks down and Louis is there to support her. She questions his loyalty and Louis reveals he has fallen for Leela and they kiss! But Peri is looking on at her mum and Louis and decides that Leela is happy without her.

Peri cuddles herself in the rainy village before she is met by a shadow of a person that she exits the village with – who could he be and will Peri return?

The E4 episode airs tomorrow night at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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